What are Idols?

This morning I read a chapter of Isaiah that at first I thought didn’t apply to me today.  Isaiah chapter 2 talks about the day when the Lord comes back to the earth and all those men and women who thought they were something realized their glory is nothing compared to the Lord’s.  

It says in Isaiah 2:20…

In that day a man shall cast his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made each one for himself to worship, to the moles and to the bats;

Isaiah 2:20 KJV

Today, I want to talk about our idols.  What are the things that we worship more than the Lord?

What is an Idol?

You know when I read this verse I must admit the first thought I had is of some tribe somewhere worshipping a golden little statue man.  But this verse really isn’t talking about the statues you see in movies. 

Idols are anything you give your time or money to that surpasses the amount of time you give God. 

With a definition like that, we can start to see how we all probably have at least one idol in our life.  Let me list off a few for you and see which one(s) apply to you. 

  1. Social Media (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.)
  2. TV (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.)
  3. Food (Coffee, Candy, etc.)
  4. Sleep
  5. Work
  6. Video Games
  7. Social Gatherings
  8. Sports

Anything else you would put before your time with God can be considered an idol. 

God is saying that on the day of His coming, men are going to be ashamed of these items when they see the true glory that is the Lord. 

Think about your typical day.  Most Americans are jumping from home to job and then from job to home in a mindless cycle.  To separate themselves from this cycle, they medicate their minds with TV, video games, music or actual drugs.  

They’re looking for an escape because their lives feel meaningless. 

Idols in Christian’s Lives

Christians get caught up in this too.  We jump from home to job and job to home and sometimes throw church in there, but many times our lives also feel meaningless. 

Life is empty and sad without the glory of a living God present in our lives.  

This glory comes from leaving the idols where they sit and putting God back in focus in our lives. 

This is why they call it a “sacrifice of praise”.  We aren’t supposed to live our lives for ourselves.  Jesus came to bring us into a relationship with Him so that we could walk and talk together.  

God wants to speak to you and shine through you to others but it takes stepping away from what we want to do to do what God wants us to. 

Let’s not be guilty of selling short the cross of Jesus christ.  God didn’t come so that we can just sit on our hunches and do nothing.  He came so that we could communicate with Him here on this earth.  

God wants to show us as Christians this glory that will make men throw their idols in the dirt and caves.  When we begin to really and truly fellowship with God, many of these things that we cling to with such a tight grip will begin to slip away.  

God isn’t asking you to get rid of anything, but I promise you as you press into Him more, the other things will naturally fall away.