Vineyard Poem

This vineyard poem was written with Matthew 21:33-44 in mind. A vineyard is often used in the Bible to talk about us as Christians. Jesus, himself, says that He is the vine and we are the branches (John 15:5).

The Vineyard Poem

My Lord had a vineyard with choicest of vine

And sent to collect fruit when it came time.

He sent a servant who was killed on the path

And another, and another til boiled His wrath.

His Only Son He sent there instead

That His own name would protect His tread.

But the wicked servants arose – His Son they did smite,

But that Son is strong in battle to fight. 

He burned down the vineyard and with it replaced

A chosen people of His holy race.

Now we are the sons and the daughters of Him

Who sent His only Son to pay for our sins.

Lepers or Demons they’ll all bow their knee

To the beautiful Savior who died on a tree.

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