Proverbs 14:26 KJV – In the Fear of the Lord is Strong Confidence

This morning I want to look at a vitally important verse to break the stronghold of insecurity in your life.  This month we are talking about this topic of insecurity.  It’s really important to never allow insecurity to take root inside of yourself because it can become dangerous. 

Our Text

“In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.”

Proverbs 14:26 KJV

What does “In the fear of the LORD” mean?

Let’s start by breaking this verse down into its parts.  When we hear a phrase like “in the fear of the Lord”, what does that really mean?

In today’s language we might say something like, “When operating in the place of holding high respect and admiration for what the Lord tells us to do…” 

To operate, “In the fear of the Lord”.  You have to have the mindset that whatever the Lord tells me to do I will do it immediately, without question and to completion.

Think about the military.  You have your superior yell at you in basic training to drop and give you 20 pushups.  

It’s not just an option for you.  You don’t just say, “Ok I’ll take it under advisement.”

You are compelled by your knowledge that what this man tells me to do is the final say in my life right now.  

God’s saying here, When you put yourself in the position where what I say is final authority in your life and you never argue with what I tell you to do THEN you’ll have strong confidence. 

Strong Confidence

What if you went onto the basketball court and started shooting free throws and by some miracle God himself guided your hands making it so that you can never miss a shot.  

Every time you get onto the basketball court you can shoot from anywhere and always make the shot. 

You’d start to grow in confidence.  Your whole behavior on the basketball court would change and you’d become confident that you couldn’t lose! 

That’s the same thing that happens in life when you obey God immediately and start to respect (fear God) as the one in charge of your life. 

Fearing the Lord is simple, it just means that you acknowledge that God is in control of every aspect of your life and you do what HE tells you to do in every situation.

The strong confidence comes when we start following his commands and things begin to go exactly the way he planned.  

There’s a mindset shift that happens.  You begin to realize that you’re a winner in life because you decide to do things God’s way. 

And God’s way NEVER fails. 

This extends to your children too!

What’s great about this is because your home is then run by God.  Your children receive the benefit of this strong confidence. 

You become the backstop and safety net of your children as your trust in the Lord makes you fixed immovable with God.

Wrapping Things Up

We’re just scratching the surface of the benefits of fearing the Lord, but a very good start is to realize that insecurity melts away in the presence of the God who created you.  Strong confidence (as referenced in our primary verse today) is without a doubt a vital part of a Christian’s ability to be effective for the kingdom of God. 

God needs men and women of FAITH who know who they are and what they have and possess the confidence to go bring the gospel to people in need of Jesus. 

Strong confidence is a huge part of being able to witness to people, stand up for what you believe and effectively be a member of your family. 

Like I said, we are just scratching the surface on this topic if you’d like to read more check out this page or message me either in the chat, comments section of this blog or via email at [email protected]. I love hearing from you guys as we study the Word of God. 

In the Fear of the Lord is strong Confidence