You must Feed Yourself Spiritually

There are many aspects of how you feed yourself spiritually that parallel with how you feed your body naturally. It’s important to ensure that we remain connected to the vine of Jesus and the Word and Spirit of God to avoid spiritual starvation. It’s not good enough to simply attend church services.   Important Foundations: Spirit […]

The Human Spirit can Overflow to Health

God’s Word is the medicine we need to receive our healing. Studying your Bible and meditating on the Word of God is like the alternator of a car.  It keeps your battery (spirit) charged with the life and electric power of the Spirit and will keep the life of God continuously giving you medication for […]

The Human Spirit MUST be Guarded Diligently

Guard your heart diligently aka protect your human spirit by paying attention to the content (TV, music, etc.) that you consume.  It is my belief that many of the problems that Christians have in their lives are not the devil attacking them or their “bad luck” acting up again.  No, Christians face many of the […]