What are the “Fruits of Righteousness”

A while ago when writing the posts about the sower sowing the Word, I came across this term “fruits of your righteousness”.  Back then I didn’t quite understand what it was really saying, but today, I want to look at what the “fruits of your righteousness” is talking about.  If you haven’t already seen our […]

Put on the New Man | Walking in Perfect Peace

Today I want to look at perfect peace.  God wants each of us to walk in His kind of peace.  He wants us to know that we are doing the right thing at the right time.  That can be a hard concept for us to grasp.  Being sure of our actions at times seems like […]

To Walk as gods on this Earth: The MIND of CHRIST

With a title like, “To Walk as gods on this Earth” people can get a little out of hand.  For the past few weeks, we have been teaching this series on AUTHORITY.  Really this is a series on the authority of Christ.   But if you remember a few months ago, our post about Humility before […]

To Walk as gods on this Earth: IN HIM

To walk as gods on this earth IN HIM we have to know the HIM we are IN. Last week we continued looking at our position in Christ.  These “IN HIM” Realities are vital to understanding who we are in Christ and obeying what God has for us to do.  Stop relying on yourself and […]

To walk as gods on this earth: Jesus the Last Adam

Jesus is referred to as the “Last Adam”. Last week we looked at the First Adam when we started this series on “To Walk as gods on this Earth” talking about the Fall.  God gave Adam all authority here on this earth, but Adam gave it to the Devil when he disobeyed God.   This whole […]

To Walk as gods on this Earth: Adam’s Fall

Adam’s Fall brought sin into this world.  We call it Adam’s Fall because of how he gave up his authority on this earth.  Today my goal is to stretch your thinking.  The title of this post, “To walk as gods on this earth” is a bold title – I realize. Throughout this month we will […]