The Flesh and How to Overcome It

Last post we looked at one of the three enemies that we have in our walk of faith: the devil, flesh and world.   If you missed the post discussing the devil as our enemy, make sure you check that out here. Our Enemy the Devil and how to Overcome Him In this post we are […]

Our Enemy the Devil and how to Overcome Him

There are three enemies that we face while living in this life: the devil, the flesh and the world.  Any problem that you have in your life can be summarized into one of these three areas.  The Bible tells us to fight the fight of faith.  This is our real fight.  Fight the good fight […]

Entering into Rest | Ceasing from your Own Works

Entering into rest. I know that I know that I know I’m free from the curse of the Law.  What is the curse?  Poverty, sickness and sin (spiritual death).  Because of Jesus, each of us is free from the curse.   Today we are talking about entering into rest.  The rest of God is to cease […]

Pickup your Cross Daily | Saving the Soul

Pickup your cross daily and follow Christ. I don’t know that anyone has every point blank told me to do that, but it would probably do each of us some good.  But what is our cross?  In this post, we are going to look at this verse in Matthew chapter 16 where Jesus is telling […]

How to Walk Upright | Not Sinning

Today we are talking about how to walk upright or in other words how are we supposed to keep from sinning? The Bible says that when we get born again that old things passed away and all things are become new, but what does that really mean?   Last week we talked about putting on the […]

Put on the New Man | How we Overcome?

Today we are talking about how we put on the “New Man”, but really we are talking about how we overcome.  There are three places where the Lord wants you and I to overcome:  Devil Flesh The World’s System What am I talking about? Well in this post we will see who the foe is, […]

There is now NO condemnation

There is a temptation to allow the devil to get into your businesses.  When you sin, it is sometimes hard to remember that the devil doesn’t have any right to be talking to you.  Even if you ARE guilty for whatever you did, it isn’t any of his business.   But YOU have to be the […]

Hearing Better or Doing Better?

Today we are talking about hearing from God and doing something with what we hear.  We are really talking about how faith without works is dead.  Now that sounds really religious.  We might quote that verse from James and feel like we are saying something important, but really it isn’t a complex concept.  Basically all […]

Put on the New Man | Walking in Perfect Peace

Today I want to look at perfect peace.  God wants each of us to walk in His kind of peace.  He wants us to know that we are doing the right thing at the right time.  That can be a hard concept for us to grasp.  Being sure of our actions at times seems like […]

Overcoming Temptation

This week we are talking about overcoming temptation. Last week we looked at the power of our tongue.  The things that we say matter.  What we confess we will possess.  Today, I want to look at another extremely important topic: temptation.  We know that regardless of who you are on this earth temptation affects everyone.   […]