The Human Spirit can Overflow to Health

God’s Word is the medicine we need to receive our healing. Studying your Bible and meditating on the Word of God is like the alternator of a car.  It keeps your battery (spirit) charged with the life and electric power of the Spirit and will keep the life of God continuously giving you medication for […]

The Woman with the Issue of Blood

In Mark chapter 5 we see a story of a woman who was sick for 12 years.  Sickness is at times one of the most challenging things to use your faith on because it is constantly beating you over the head.   This woman had a blood disorder for 12 years!  That is a long time […]

The Lame Man’s Health

There are many types of sight that the Bible talks about.  Some words refer to our physical senses of sight, others represent our perception and mental understanding and still others refer to our spirits.   Today we are looking at Acts 3 and the story of the lame man from birth.  Why did the lame man […]

Compassion for Sickness

Last week we looked at what the word compassion means. If you missed it check it out here. Oftentimes when we hear the word “compassion”, we think of a feeling. We think of someone who does something for someone else, and it is usually because that person is hurting or because of some emotion. Today, […]