Satan comes IMMEDIATELY to steal the Word

The moment you hear the Word of God for yourself, you can either accept it or reject it as truth. The devil will come IMMEDIATELY to steal the Word of God from your life. Main Point I have found this to be true in my life.  The moment I hear the Word of God on […]

Temptations the Devil uses in times of Testing

Today I want to break down a few temptations the devil will use to try to get us off track in times of testing and hardship.  In a previous post, we talked about the purpose of testing.  What is the purpose of Testing in the Wilderness? Basically, God tests us to determine if we are […]

What is the purpose of Testing in the Wilderness?

Today, we are discussing the purpose for testing in the wilderness.  It’s really important to realize that God will never tempt us with evil, but He will test us. In this post, we will examine the life of Jesus.   Jesus was led “of the spirit” (Luke 4:1) into the wilderness to be tested. Now let’s […]

Examine your Heart in Times of Hardship

It’s important to examine your heart when times of hardship come.  There are two types of hardship that can hit us: hardship brought on by our disobedience and hardship from our obedience.  I, personally, have been really enjoying this study of hardship.  You don’t hear many people speaking about hardship in a way that doesn’t […]

5 Deadly Sins of the Wilderness

And we’re back with yet another blog post.  This time I want to talk about the 5 deadly sins that will keep you in the wilderness (aka the place of hardship) that you are going through right now.  Some Background There are two concepts that you really need to understand in order for this post […]

Return unto Me (in Tithes and Offerings) and I will return unto You

In Hebrews 13:5-6 and Deuteronomy 31:6-8 the Word of God tells us that God will never leave us nor forsake us, but in times of difficulty and hardship it can be difficult to remember this.   As I was studying Malachi last night, I came across verse 7 of chapter 3 that says, “Return unto me, […]

What does the Wilderness in the Bible Represent?

The wilderness is often mentioned in the Bible to refer to times of hardship.  Everyone will face hardship in their life, but it’s this hardship that offers an opportunity to grow in your fruits of righteousness, establish and strengthen your faith and allow the power of the spirit to move in your life. Main Point […]