Attacks of the Enemy on your Vision

This morning I spent time with the Lord in 1 John chapter 1. I thought about what it means to be a Christian because this chapter used to confuse me as a child.  I would look at “sin” and “darkness” and think – well I’m not perfect so does that mean I’m not really saved? […]

I can see clearly…Goals & Vision for 2022

“I can see clearly this vision inside me and I’m laying down my will even now…” That is a line from one of my songs that I wrote for a time just as this!  Our year of 2021 is winding down and it’s only natural that we prepare for the next year.  One of my […]

Our Motivation | Colossians 3:16

In this post I want to break down Colossians 3:16 and what it says about our motivation.  This will be a little different from the normal posts.  I simply want to encourage you about focus and where your heart is.  In this verse we see the actions we are to perform and the motivation behind […]