Step 1: Turn Aside and Meet God

Welcome back to yet another blog post where we continue to talk about the Salvation that we each have the opportunity to receive because of Jesus Christ.  Today we look at the very first step in entering into the promised land is to turn aside to meet God. In this post, I want to look […]

Entering into Rest | Ceasing from your Own Works

Entering into rest. I know that I know that I know I’m free from the curse of the Law.  What is the curse?  Poverty, sickness and sin (spiritual death).  Because of Jesus, each of us is free from the curse.   Today we are talking about entering into rest.  The rest of God is to cease […]

Who are the “Heroes of Faith”?

The term “Heroes of Faith” is a common term used to describe men and women in the Bible who trusted and obeyed God and paved the way for Jesus to enter the world and save us from our sins.  I feel it is important as we enter into this next year, to take a little […]

According to YOUR Faith

According to YOUR Faith, you receive everything from God.  God has done everything well.  Jesus has completed the work on the cross and is sitting at the right hand of God making intercession for us.  But it is up to us to walk and act on what God has already provided.  Last week we talked […]