I Just Gave My Life To Christ!

Our Mission

Presenting the simple,
uncompromised Word of God
to the nations.

We are providing resources to the local church to train up the next generation of believers who know their authority in Christ Jesus.


Yielding to the Power of the Holy Spirit


Join Joel Zimmer under the anointing of the psalmist as he preaches the anointed Word of God in song form.  THE WORD podcast gives you a daily dose of Bible-based teachings rooted in the Word of God.  These broadcasts stem from an overflow of Joel’s personal relationship with Jesus.


Join Nathan Zimmer as he deep dives into common Bible questions expounding the scriptures in a simplified way that anyone can understand and identify with. Our prayer is that these devotionals will minister to you as you begin to grow your own personal relationship with Jesus for yourself.

Joel Zimmer with translator ministering in a Holy Ghost meeting in Zagreb Croatia


Host Joel Zimmer and THE WORD team for power-packed Holy Spirit-led ministry services as we preach the Word of God with boldness and demonstrations of the Spirit.  Pastors invite the power of the Holy Spirit to flow and move in your church services by hosting a service.

2019 Prophecy

As tensions grow between man and foe the light of THE WORD is needed...

Our Devotionals

Devotionals written from our own personal time with the Lord.

Nothing can replace your own personal time with the Lord, but our prayer is as you read these devotionals the Holy Spirit will speak to you showing you how to study the Word of God for yourself.  These devotionals come from our own personal time with the Lord and offer a window into our relationship with Him. Some answer questions we’ve received from readers like you while others break down specific scriptures expounding and making note of how to apply them to your life practically. 

Our Team

The content our team produces is simply a reflection of someone’s personal relationship with Jesus.

Our relationship with God is real to us. Our goal is to inspire you to build your own personal relationship with Jesus.  Our team’s primary goal isn’t to promote a ministry or build a brand.  We want to provide you with the resources you need to grow in the Lord.

Joel Zimmer

Nathan Zimmer